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Journal Chelladurai, S.J.S., Arthanari, R., Nithyanandam, N., and Radhakrishnan, K.K., 2018. Investigation of mechanical properties and dry sliding wear behaviour of squeeze cast LM6 aluminium alloy reinforced with copper coated short steel fibers, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, 71(4), pp.813-822.
Book Alan Bryman& Emma Bell. (2009). Business Research Methods. New York : Oxford University Press
PhD Thesis Mcdonalds, A. (2018). Practical dissertation title (Unpublished doctoral thesis). University of Florida, Gainesville, FL.


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  • 2. Abstract & Keywords
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Methods, if applicable / any
  • 5. Results, if applicable / any
  • 6. Conclusions
  • 7.Acknowledgements, if applicable / any
  • 8. References
  • 9. Appendices (if applicable / any)

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